Monday, January 01, 2007

Tourists have fun shopping in Texas

Tourist shopping is one of the main activities of travel throughout the world and Texas is no different. Some towns in Texas have made shopping their main tourist attraction, and a lot of tourists are being attracted to the towns.

Fredericksburg, Texas is said to be the eleventh most visited tourist town in the United States. It is also rumored to have over 400 bed and breakfast inns, mostly for the shoppers. Fredericksburg is located in south-central Texas, northwest of San Antonio and west of Austin.

Fredericksburg has well over 100 stores to satisfy the tourist shopper. While the husbands sit on the comfortable park benches stratigically placed down the main shopping street, their wives have the times of their lives, going from store to store, trying to see everything in every store. It will take them more than one day to complete the shopping trip in Fredericksburg. There are just too many stores to do it all in one day. They can enjoy a stay in a local B&B and finish the shopping the next day or even the day after that.

There are also cabins for lodging while the shopping is taking place. Day Dream Cabins, about 5 miles out of town, is one of the popular places to stay in a cabin.

The Fredericksburg web page is

The Village of Salado is another popular Texas tourist shopping town. It is a quaint little village with an historic stage stop, Stage Coach Inn, that has a lot of interesting history. They have several gift shops and art galleries. Salado is located on a pretty, creek. The tourists enjoy staying in the historic B&Bs in Salado.

Salado is located about 45 miles north of Austin on I-35.

The Salado web page is

Another popular Texas tourist shopping town is Old Town Spring. They have dozens of gift, clothing and jewely stores for the tourists' pleasure. Old Town Spring is north of Houston just off Hwy 59.

For more information on Texas Tourist Shopping look at the web page below. It lists the tourist shopping cities and towns in Texas as well as the major shopping centers throughout Texas.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Having fun on the lakes in Texas!

There are at least 165 lakes in Texas, all man-made except for Caddo Lake in East Texas. A lot of the lakes were made when dams were put up for water control to control flooding, or to provide electricity for the area. The lakes come in all sizes and shapes.

A side benefit of many of the lakes is the recreational activities the lakes provide. Some of the lakes are very popular with boaters, fishermen and people who love to waterski and jet ski.

Lake LBJ is in the Highland Lakes chain of 6 lakes on the Colorado River in central Texas about 50 miles northwest of Austin. Lake LBJ is a normally constant level lake that fluctuates less than one foot, unless it is during a flood or the water is temporarily lowered so people can work on their boat docks and make other repairs.

Being normally constant level provides for the best and safest boating, waterskiing and jet skiing. Some lakes have tree stumps and sandbars that can be hazzards for boaters, but Lake LBJ is mostly free of those problems. Of course, boaters need to be cautious on any lake.

Being normally constant level also is a big attraction for people who want a waterfront lake house because they can have permanent boat docks with electric lifts and fishing piers. Lake LBJ has a lot of people living in lake houses on the shore in several communities. A lot of the waterfront homes on Lake LBJ are also owned by people who live out of the area and come to the lake on weekends and for vacations.

Lake house rentals have become very popular in the past few years on Lake LBJ. If you want to spend a weekend at the lake or a longer vacation, you will find plenty of lake houses for rent on Lake LBJ in Kingsland and Granite Shoals. A lake house rental is perfect for a family reunion or a group of friends who want to share some quality time at the lake.

If you would like to spend a weekend or vacation at the lake, click on the web pages below:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Snowbirds - Come to Texas for the winter and become Winter Texans.

If you are a snowbird and have been spending the winters somewhere other than Texas, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find in Texas.

If you have never come south for the winter, you don't know what you are missing. You can leave your snow shovel at home, and your parka, too. About once every six years central and south Texas may get 1/2 inch of snow and it is gone very quickly. And you very seldom have to worry about ice either.

When we get breezes from the south, the temperatures can be in the 70s and once in a while even in the 80s in January and February.

To see more about the climate in the Texas Hill Country, look at this web page:

Want to golf throughout the winter? The golf courses are open except if an occasional storm blows in from the north, and it has to be a really bad storm to stop the golfers. If it is too stormy to golf in Texas, you know that the northern states are really buried in snow and are really cold.

To see a listing of golf courses in Texas, click on this web page:

If you have been going to Florida or California, you will love the prices in Texas. You will also love the friendly people. Texans are very friendly people and love to see the northerners spend the winter in their state. They even have events for the Winter Texans.

You don't need to go all the way to the south of Texas to find good weather either. Central Texas is one of the prettier parts of the state, particularly the Texas Hill Country near Austin and San Antonio. The Hill Country has a lot of beautiful scenery with the rolling hills and lakes. The live oak trees stay green all year long. Quite often the grass is green in the winter if there is enough rain.

If you are wondering what kind of lodging is available for Winter Texans, wonder no more. The resorts that are booming in the summer with tourists, change over to renting to Winter Texans in the winter at greatly reduced rates. You can also rent a lake house and go boating and fishing on the lakes during the winter when the weather is mild. Cabins and condos are also available for Winter Texans.

Check this web page for lodging for Winter Texans:

To see more information and photos of the Texas Hill Country and the Highland Lakes Area, click on this web page:

Kingsland is a popular town for Winter Texans in the Texas Hill Country. Look at the Kingsland web page at

Sunday, July 30, 2006

When most people think of Texas, they think of cowboys and ranches.

It seems like people in almost every country of the world have heard of Texas. Most people outside of Texas think of Texas as a state filled with cowboys and ranches. Yes, Texas does have its share of cowboys and ranches, but Texas has a lot more, too.

We all know that Texas is a large state, but most people outside of Texas are surprised to hear about the diversity in Texas. The state is 900 miles at the widest point and varies a quite a bit geographically across that distance.

Eastern Texas is very wet and is actually swampy in places. It has a lot of trees and vegetation because of the excessive amount of rainfall they receive.

West Texas is arid and almost a desert with very little rainfall. From central to north Texas is where you will find more cowboys and ranches. South Texas has a lot of farms that grow produce.

Central Texas has the beautiful Texas Hill Country and the popular Highland Lakes chain of lakes. The Texas Hill Country is covered with live oak trees that stay green the year around and has winding roads up and down the hills and among the lakes. It is a popular place to vacation and to retire.

The Gulf of Mexico provides Texas with a large coastal area with beaches, boating and fishing. It is often referred to as the Third Coast. Galveston and Corpus Christi are popular destinations for tourists along the Gulf Coast.

Another thing that often surprises people about Texas is the number of lakes in Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife has 165 lakes listed. A lot of the lakes are tourist lakes with lake rental houses, cabin rentals, boating, fishing, jet skiing, waterskiing and sailing. The lakes are scattered throughout Texas and are popular vacation spots for Texans.

All of the lakes in Texas were man-made by erecting dams except for one. Caddo Lake in east Texas on the Louisiana border is the only natural lake in Texas.

For more information on Texas Lakes, go to this web page: Texas Lakes

Because of the large varity of different areas of Texas to experience, you may want to come to Texas several times, visiting a different area each time.

Texas is also a popular state for moving to for retirement. Some areas of Texas have so many people who have moved there from out of state that they almost outnumber the native Texans in the area. The Highland Lakes Area is an area with a lot of people from other states.

Thousands of people come to Texas from up north to get out of the cold winters each year and enjoy the mild winter climate in Texas. Texans refer to these people as "Winter Texans." The Winter Texans are welcomed by the friendly people of Texas. Winter Texans also like the lower prices in Texas than they find in other states, like Florida.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Caddo Lake & Uncertain, Texas is an Unbelievable Place!

Uncertain (quite a catchy name) is on the banks of the mysterious Caddo Lake. Everything that you need such as marinas, lodging, and food, is available. They have a slogan "You can be Certain to have fun in Uncertain." That is really the case. The City calls their location "The Best Kept Secret in Texas!" Well, the secret is out!

You can take a trip with one of the various tour guides through the back waters, bayous, channels and sloughs and really get an unbelievable first hand look at how nature stood still for decades! You will see plant life, centuries old cypress trees, a variety of birds, and maybe even an alligator in the wild.

Over the years, a number of Hollywood feature films have been produced in the area because of the lake's natural and unique qualities. You can almost see a creature pop up out of the water!

A trip on the Graceful Ghost paddlewheel steamship is a must for every visitor to Uncertain and Caddo Lake. The ship Captain gives a very informative narration of the area and what you are seeing during the trip.

You will find plenty of waterfront cabins and lake houses for rent in Uncertain. Some of the lake houses are perfect for meetings and reunions.

Go to Caddo Lake and Uncertain just one time, and I know that you will want to return many times, taking your family and friends with you! Take your camera with you!

To see Caddo Lake up close with photos, go to this web page:
To find lake houses and cabins, food, in Uncertain, go to:
Other cabins in Texas, go to this web page:

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Kingsland is a Great Place to Enjoy Watersports

Kingsland is one of the most popular towns in Texas for enjoying the lake. Kingsland is located where the Llano River and the Colorado River drain into Lake LBJ, about 60 miles northwest of Austin and 85 miles north of San Antonio.

You can enjoy boating on both rivers and Lake LBJ for over 20 miles, exploring the coves and the lake and rivers. Lake LBJ is normally a constant level lake that provides the best in boating opportunities.

You can also waterski, jet ski, fish and swim in Lake LBJ. The water is usually relatively clean, unless there has been a recent flood.

You will find plenty of waterfront cabins and lake houses for rent in Kingsland. The lake houses are perfect for reunions of families and friends. Some lake houses sleep up to 16 people.

To see the cabins for rent, go to this web page:
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